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Brads Spelcafe cosy interior

We're hiring!

Come work with us at Brad's!


We need a couple of people to join our team over the summer as we currently have open positions in the kitchen.

Read below the two types of roles we are hiring for and follow the application instructions at the bottom of the page!

Open Kitchen Positions

We run a small, simple kitchen here, where we cook to order. The chefs and waiters work closely with each other, moving between roles as required and helping each other out as the workload shifts during a shift!  This means taking orders and helping prepare cocktails, coffee at the barista station or helping customers with game recommendations.

We are hiring both flexible and fixed-schedule roles. 



Flexible Schedule - You will join the general staff schedule and be scheduled as needed to cover our open hours with the other flexible staff members. Your hours will shift or change and we do the schedule monthly. We want this role filled ASAP. Your hours will include weekday evenings and weekend coverage with at least two-weekend shifts per month. 

Key Points: 
- Starting right away

- Weekends & evenings shifts

- We expect you to be available for at least two-weekend shifts per month

Fixed schedule - We need a chef to join our team to help cover for the summer months. You will have fixed hours that will include weekend shifts and weekday evening shifts. The exact schedule can be discussed with the other fixed-scheduled staff to best suit the staff and the café's needs. Depending on the hiring and schedule determined, we can offer 40% to 80% with an option to pick up extra shifts from the flexible staff schedule. 

Key points: 

- June to August
- Fixed schedule that we decide on together

- 40-80% available
- Weekends & evenings
- Possible to combine with on-demand employment for more hours



For both roles, we are looking for you if: 

  • You are over 18 and can work evenings and weekends

  • You speak English or Swedish

  • You love board games

  • You love working with food

  • You are quick to adapt when new situations arise and new tasks need to be prioritized

  • You understand the value of clear communication

  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment

  • You can keep a clean and orderly workstation

It is a plus if:

  • You feel comfortable interacting with guests since we work in an open kitchen.

  • You have previous experience working in a kitchen or bar you are not afraid of taking responsibility and are good at making decisions

  • You have a creative mind and ideas for how we could make Brad Spelcafé grow

  • You’re interested in working as a waiter as well

To apply:

Send in a CV + motivational letter to We review applications continuously, so apply as soon as you can! We don't mind you coming into the café to introduce yourselves, but please keep in mind that we will only be able to review the applications that have also been sent over email. You can apply to both positions or just one with one email. Just mention your preference in the application. 

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