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A group of friends laughing, playing games at Brads Spelcafe
Brads Spelcafe outdoor area


All the things you need or want to know

How does it work?

We are a restaurant and bar that just happens to have a constantly growing library of 350+ games to play, as well as many game-related events. If you want to play games, we charge a fee described below. If you just want to eat and drink, you're very welcome to do that. We take orders at the bar, and the kitchen is open until closing. If you want to join an event or organize an event, talk to the staff or email our event manager Sinead

How much does it cost?

Can I bring my own game

You certainly can! We still charge for the play pass, but you also get complete access to all of our games as well.

Can we bring our own food/drink?

No. We run like any other restaurant and bar and survive by our guests purchasing food and drink, so we can't accommodate people bringing their own food or drink (baby food & dog treats excluded of course). 

A play pass of 3 hours costs 45 sek per person. If you want to play for longer you can buy a top-up pass of 1hr (15sek) or 2 hours (25kr).  You do need to buy a play pass first, even if you sit less than 3 hours but we have a night owl pass for 25kr, two hours before closing!


We don't charge the table fee if you just want to eat or drink, but we do keep to the 3-hour sitting.

Some events have different costs, this will be clearly stated in the event description. 

Do you have X game?

We are currently working on bringing about a super shiny, easy-to-navigate catalogue of our games. In the meantime, you can check this not-so-shiny, but mostly up-to-date list.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We love dogs. All dogs, big and small are welcome in our café! Please bring them. It truly makes our staff day!
Don't forget to ask for a bowl of water, a blanket, some doggy treats and out doggy board game.

Can I find other people to play with?

Yes! During your average day, you can grab a flag from the bar that will let people know that your table is open for new players. We also have a Social Table event every month. 

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