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What is the story behind Malmös first board game café?

Brad's Spelcafé is ruled by Brad, a cute little dragon that decided to bring us some wonders from his dragon realm.

Dec 2020: An idea is born

Brads Spelcafé was created out of an idea from two female entrepreneurs in December 2020. Independently they were researching the idea of a board game café and found each other.

June 2021: Brads becomes legal

No not Brad the dragon becoming legal age, the business becomes registered and the real journey begins in bringing the café to life.

October 2021: Brads Spelcafé 1st edition pops up

Aka a pop-up cafe was started in Kirseberg and after much learning by the owners and establishing a community base, they felt ready to grow the business. 

They raised much of the funds between themselves but they also threw it out to the community via Kickstarter in the summer of 2022. 

November 2022: Brad's Spelcafe at Brogatan is opened.

In November, Brad's Spelcafe was opened in its current location at Brogatan 11 and we threw our doors open to an amazing community that has grown and strengthened over time. As we found our feet in the first few months, we said goodbye to one of the founders and invited two kick-ass women to continue to help Brad the Dragon bring board games and good food to the lovely malmö residents. 

Elsa, Grace and SInéy share a vision of Brads being the cozy spot you come with friends, one a first date or with family to have a fun and 

Our motivation is drawn from a love for good food, time spent playing board games with friends and the social connections and happy times this creates.

It takes a lot of passion and hard work to make our café the cosiest place in Malmö. between whipping up tasty fuel to keep people gaming, hosting events, and ensuring people have an amazing time teaching and inspiring people to play new board games it is clear we need a talented and gifted team. Luckily we have that!

We are always happy to receive your feedback and wishes for creating the perfect board game café for you! Feel free to contact us.

We are making your meetings and meetups easier thanks to an amazing treasure trove of board games. Party games, dexterity, cooperation, bluff, trivia, family games, and strategy games for new players or long-time gamers, there is a game for everyone and every occasion and we plan to prove it!

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we have your back. We’ll help you find the right game for you and guide you through the rules!

We look forward to meeting you!

Brad & His Team

Collage of pictures showing the atmosphere in Brads Spelcafe

The people behind Brads Spelcafé


Our Meeples

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