Let’s play: infinity!

Starting time: every 40min from 19.00. Book here.
: Usual playing price.
One hundred and eighty years into the future. Human nations, who have colonized the star system, and Aliens, from the great beyond, fight one another through small wars and clandestine operations. Choose your faction, take control of your elite troop and change the balance of powers!
Infinity is a tactical action game for 2 people set in a futuristic universe. Each player will take command over a small squad of agents and your goal is to steal valuable data for your faction. Score more points than your opponent and you win the game!
Infinity is played over just 3 rounds, its fast, fun and easy to learn. Featuring cool cyberpunk cities as your battleground with hand painted modells and lots of tactical sci-fi pew pew. If you have ever wanted to try Warhammer but felt that its a bit too big, slow or complicated, this is the game for you. Bring a friend for the challenge or meet your new favorite Infinity nemesis right here 😉 Regardless great fun will be had as Erik and Gustav shows you how to play on one of their ready-to-play Demo tables with models included.

Question: Can I book a spot for several games?
Answer: In order to give everybody a chance to get a spot, we ask you to only book a spot for ONE of the time slots. You can however also add an extra booking in your name and select the “waiting list”. Would there be any spots left after the booking deadline (24h before the event) we will let you know and you will be able to participate in several games. If many are signed up to the waiting list we might also add an extra table for drop-ins!

Open positions: 2 (chefs)