SATURDAY 10 JUNE | 17.00


Let’s discover some gems from our game library! We pick up a game, read the rules together, play it, give our impressions, and stream all that on our Instagram account! This week it will be Chocolate Factory and the session will be held by our irreplaceable Sinéad ❤
Only 3 spots available!

Price: usual playing fee.
Important: You need to be ok with participating in a live stream and having your face (and voice) online and our social media 🙂 … and you also need to be ok with potentially making new life-long friends 😉
About the week’s game:
Chocolate Factory is a game for 1-4 people, duration 60-90min
In the early 20th-century and you are an up and coming chocolatier. Upgrade your factory, hire employees, and use the unique conveyor belt system in this board game euro to turn cocoa beans into a variety of delicious treats, selling to stores for profit.

Open positions: 2 (chefs)