Bringing the social power of board games TO YOU since 2021

Brads spelcafé is a team composed of two young entrepreneurs and a little dragon, all driven by love for good food, board games, social connections and happy times.  Brad is also the café’s mascot and he makes sure everything we do fit to our values:  friendliness – coziness – togetherness!

We are always are happy to receive your feedback and wishes for creating the perfect board game café for you! Feel free to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you!

Brad, Ambre & Elsa


Brad is our superchef and mascot. He is super friendly.

He loves: stealing food from the kitchen, unboxing the new board game boxes and bubble teas. 

He dislikes: greasy fingers when he is about the play, losing (although he’s getting better), fire (pretty surprising for a dragon, but true).

He is also in charge of making sure our volunteers and partners feel welcome and happy. Many thanks to Gustav, Clara Huré/Holistic gangsta, Spelskolan, VentureLab who provided help and supported us at different stages of our adventure, to our partners Matverkstaden, Conquest, The Go Team and MalmöBrädspelsförening, to all the board game designers we have worked with as well as to our amazing sponsors Asmodee Nordics, Webberöd e-handel and Ninja Print.


Elsa is the head chef and co-founder of Brads spelcafé. She has a love for original food & drinks and complex fantasy games. Current hyper obsessions are the Swedish roleplaying game Vaesen and making the perfect bowl of ramen. She has many years experience of providing baked goods and snacks for board game nights and roleplaying campaigns alike, and she will gladly guide both experienced and completely new players on fantastical gaming adventures. Always looking for a way to combine the love of cooking & baking with the passion for games, and seeing the absence of any board game cafés in the Malmö/Lund region, Elsa decided to team up with Ambre in order to fill this cultural vacuum.


Ambre is a French entrepreneur and the all-rounder of Brads spelcafé. In 2016, during her studies in the French Alpes, she entered for the very first time in a board game café. For her, whose knowledge about board games was (almost) limited to Monopoly, it was a revelation! Families, friends or colleagues meeting up or trying to learn to know one another rubbed shoulders with board game lovers in an amazing social place.

But in 2019 when she moved to the Lund & Malmö’s area, the reality called back: no such a place was to be found. Never mind, she knew which entrepreneurial adventure was calling for her…